Cake Bases Ready to Decorate

It's true, we bake and supply cake bases for you to carve and shape or simply add the jazz yourself on the outside. That's right, you can order from the following:

* Just the sponge and do what you like with it

* The already iced ones where you just add the jazz (most of which are available here too) and you can order just about any colour.

* The dummy or fake iced cakes which you can add into your design to create height, grandeur or just extra loveliness even if you don't need all that much cake.

* The complete kit where we have thought up some simple designs, put all the bits together including the cake, some stuff is done for you and it's easy enough for you to put together at your end. We've even hand painted them for you! We are working on more designs as we go.

So much choice means that a floral design (for example) is available as a cake or a dummy cake. If it's a dummy cake then it also available in different depths and sizes. The real cakes are only available in one depth 3" because it's safer to post but your imagination can go wild if you have a combination of real and dummy cakes.

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