Cloud Nine Cakes

Here are a few of our own creations. Of course there have been loads so we've picked a few recent faves and when we get a minute one day we'll add more.You can see all of our pics on our Facebook page in 'mobile uploads' if you wanna look all the way back. see (chucky is the profile pic)

Just to show you we know some stuff about cake decorating. We might not know it all...but we're close!

We'll also post some new pics regularly for new ideas, trends, products and just inspiration. See all of our creations at

Starbucks Cake Chanel Cake with Edible Fabric Gold Drip Cocktail Cake
Rocking Horse Cake Silver Wedding Cake Pale Pink Ruffles Cake
Communion Cake Closed Parcel Cake Mac Bag & Shoes Cake
Baby Shoes & Tutu Cake Vintage 40 Cake Shopping Cake
Parcel Burst Cake Baby Shower Cake Chanel & Shoe