Covering with Sugarpaste (beginners).  2-3 hrs. 12noon, Saturday 9th March 2024

Covering with Sugarpaste (beginners). 2-3 hrs. 12noon, Saturday 9th March 2024

  • £75.00

In this class we will trim, fill and crumb coat a cake with buttercream until it's nice and smooth ready to be iced with sugarpaste. We'll then work on getting those trendy sharp edges, discuss and demonstrate various methods. You'll do it twice..... practise on a dummy then the real cake and we'll stack them so you'll finish with a 2 tier to decorate as you wish

If we have time (and i'm sure we will) we can discuss and demonstrate different quick applications for decoration like metallic paints, drips etc. This way you can apply the same techniques to many other designs for different occasions and you'll take home a nicely finished cake for the family and all that inside information! 

Just bring yourself and a (soft) drink and wear comfortable shoes. Our centre can be quite cool in winter so wear long sleeves you can roll up.

Please note we will not be BAKING the cake. This is a decorating class and we'll supply you with the sponge cake base to work on. This is an adult class, it'll be fun but also for real learning as opposed to play so children are welcome but the price is the same and we would say minimum age of 12.

Any other questions call 0141 237 2400

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