Complete Cake Kit (includes the cake!)

We'll send you everything you need to recreate this design (even the iced cakes). We will bake the cake, fill it, ice it, paint it, quilt it and generally do all we can before posting it. All you have to do is put it all together at your end as the tiers will be posted separately. We'll send everything you need, dowels, ribbons, flowers, toys, whatever is on your chosen design. We've simplified it and we've done the thinking for you too. When we get a chance we are adding new ideas. If you don't see anything you like you can call us and together we'll come up with a kit for you.  EASY! These designs generally make the FREE SHIPPING threshold too, yay! Remember and tell us any changes you need (like 'Happy Birthday' instead of Engaged) and don't forget to give us the dates you need. 

0141 237 2400

Give us as much notice as possible so we can outsmart the couriers. We have a 2 week standard rule that means if you order within 2 weeks of your required date then we can probably still do it, but we cannot guarantee nor offer refunds for mishaps, late arrival or damages). These are very rare but not unknown. They are essentially 'cakes in the post' so if you'd like to take your chances, we're happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason your event is cancelled or you change your mind, we can only offer a refund if you have more than 2 weeks until your request date. The reason for this is that we may have started to prepare your cake or we may have turned away other orders for that date due to the amount of bookings we have. We appreciate that you may no longer need your cake but at our end we have perhaps already spent time on your order and especially if it is a colour , size or shape that we may not be able to resell. Hopefully you can still enjoy a cake at home. There is also an option to freeze your cake for a later date. Feel free to ask us for advice on how to freeze your cake without damaging it. 


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