Mens Cakes

Our Bespoke Cakes are available to collect from our Glasgow Cake Centre only.

Order one of our most popular mens/boys cakes and if you like what you see go ahead and add it to your basket, then tell us in the notes the date you'd like to collect & any changes you'd like to make i.e specific message, age, colour, trims. We'll be in touch if we need more details or if your chosen date is not available we'll let you know and cancel your order no problem.This might happen if your date is within a few weeks. Alternatively you can phone to check first if you prefer 0141 237 2400.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason your event is cancelled or you change your mind, we can only offer a refund if you have more than 2 weeks until your request date. The reason for this is that we may have started to prepare your cake or we may have turned away other orders for that date due to the amount of bookings we have. We appreciate that you may no longer need your cake but at our end we have perhaps already spent time on your order and especially if it is a colour , size or shape that we may not be able to resell. Hopefully you can still enjoy a cake at home. There is also an option to freeze your cake for a later date. Feel free to ask us for advice on how to freeze your cake without damaging it. 

If your collection/delivery date is more than 2 weeks away we will be happy to cancel your order however we will retain £20 admin fee for designed cakes. We only take on a a certain number of these each week so someone else may have missed out with us being fully booked.

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