Cupcake & Piping Techniques 2-3hrs. 12noon, Saturday, 27th July 2024.

  • £59.00

In this class we will practice various piping techniques from the traditional swirl to the more modern look with multiple tips used in the one design. We will practise and discuss piping with buttercream and frosting and how to colour. We will give you lots of easy ideas to fill a box with a pretty variety you can adapt to any occasion, then you'll decorate 12 cupcakes each to take home..... by that time you'll be a pro! You'll be able to adapt these piping styles to bigger cakes too.

Just bring yourself and a (soft) drink and wear comfortable shoes. Our centre can be quite cool in winter so wear long sleeves you can roll up.

Please note we will not be BAKING cupcakes. This is a decorating class and we'll supply you with your cupcakes. This is an adult class, it'll be fun but also for real learning as opposed to play so children are welcome but the price is the same and we would say minimum age of 12.

Classes must be paid in full and CAN NOT be cancelled, changed to another date nor postponed for any reason so please make sure you can attend or send someone else to attend in your place should you not be able to make it. Sorry if that's harsh but happens too often when classes are full. 

Any other questions call 0141 237 2400

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