Edible Sugar Cake Toppers

  • £7.50

All of these products are made in a very similar way with the same materials however if you have or need specific allergen concern and need more specific information please ask our staff to confirm. These are the ingredients for the elephant.....
This handmade 3D sugar topper can be placed on top of a basic cake to make it look amazing and give your cakes a personalised finish, letting you quickly and easily decorate your cakes, without the need to get all the modelling pastes and tools out! Is ready for use. Best surface to use is icing fondant, butter cream, Icing sugar, chocolate or crumbs. Brush the bottom of the product with edible glue or water and place it on the cake. To stick the product more firmly use royal icing or buttercream.


Sugar, glucose syrup, palm oil, water, glycerol E422, preservative E202, emulsifier E471, stabilisers E415, E466, flavorings, food colours ( E172 ). 


Vegetarians, Vegans.


May contain nuts.

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