Complete Cake Kit - Style 7241

Complete Cake Kit - Style 7241

  • £115.00

Complete cake kit in a box (including the cake)for you to assemble and decorate yourself. The gold colour and quilting will all be done for you! 

The taller middle tier (in picture it is very pale pink colour) will be a dummy cake (there is an option to have it all cake but in that case it will be the same depth as the other tiers (3 inches approx) the top and bottom tiers are cake). If you'd like a different configuration please give us a call to order 0141 237 2400. You'll receive all the trimmings and everything you need to recreate this design, including the dowels and sticky stuff to put it all together. Of course you can also change the colour scheme....just let us know in the notes what you'd like.....we'll tell you when to stop! Just give us as much info as you can, that's helpful. You can also change the topper to any other occasion or even someone's name for a birthday. Just put it in the notes for us at checkout. If your idea is more specific just give us a call and we can come up with something perfect for you.

Serves approx 60 -120.

Bottom tier is 12" across,

Middle tier is 8" across,

Top tier is 6" across.

All vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam

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