MachPhies 'Rainbow' Vanilla Frosting 5kg **Risky Shipping**

MachPhies 'Rainbow' Vanilla Frosting 5kg **Risky Shipping**

  • £29.50

Rainbow Frosting Vanilla is a smooth, creamy frosting that you whip and is then ready to use straight from the pail to add value and indulgence to cakes, tray bakes, muffins and cupcakes.

Free from artificial colours.

DISCLAIMER: Shame this is such a popular product and our price is good however we don't normally allow shipping as unfortunately these heavy 5KG tubs can get cracked in transit. We have decided to allow the option for shipping for this product but you must be made aware of the risk.  We'll wrap the product as best we can but if it cracks or shatters we can't refund or replace.. If you order this product for delivery then we'll assume you have read this note. Fingers crossed all is well anyway!


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