PME Candy Melts

  • £3.50

  • PME Candy Buttons have the texture and consistency of chocolate but none of the fuss as no tempering is required.
  • Create wonderful sugar treats. Simply melt, pour and set.
  • Coat cake pops: Add colour and flavour with PME Candy Buttons.
  • Dip fruit and treats: Perfect for parties. Enjoy as a fun fondue or create delicious desserts 
  • Melt and mould: Create lollies and candy shapes.
  • Pipe and create: Pipe on wax paper, leave to dry and remove for cupcake and desserts toppers.
  • Each bag contains 340 g (12 oz.) of tasty candy buttons.
  • For excellent melting use with PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot.
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