SPD Sugar Paste (Sugar Paste Direct)

SPD Sugar Paste (Sugar Paste Direct)

  • £9.90

Home Bakers Sugar Paste despite being hand crafted is perfect for all types of cakes including deeper, multi-tiered cakes! The paste is produced using an ultra fine sugar which creates a porcelain like finish with a subtle vanilla flavour. 

The product must be massaged to distribute the oils and invigorate the gum before use. This will enable the paste to be rolled so thin you can cover more cakes per kilo!

The product is made with all vegetable produce therefore, it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is gluten free. 



Sugar, Glucose, Water, Glycerine, Palm oil, Mono-diglyceride, Xanthan gum, 

Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Flavouring, Preservative E202

(all allergens in bold print)


This product has a 6 month best before date.



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