Undecorated cupcakes (12)

  • £9.60

We bake plain undecorated cupcakes for you to ice and decorate yourself. They are generous, muffin sized cupcakes and come in vanilla or chocolate flavour. Once you place your order tell us when you would like your cakes and what colour cases you'd prefer. It might be quicker to give us a few options in case your first choice isn't available. For example..

1. Purple foil if poss

2. Purple paper

3. Silver foil

This gives us a chance to match your colour scheme without the delay of messaging back and forth. Sometimes colours are limited so options will help thanks. 

The price is for 12 cupcakes. So choosing 2 will be for 24. If you'd like an odd number like 16 give us a quick phone, they are £0.80 each and there's a minimum order of 12. 

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