Plain cupcakes (iced or un-iced)

  • £0.80

We bake plain un-decorated cupcakes for you to decorate yourself. They are generous, muffin sized cupcakes and come in vanilla or chocolate flavour. Once you place your order tell us when you would like your cakes and what colour cases you'd prefer. If you have a preferred case colour let us know. It might be quicker to give us a few options in case your first choice isn't available. 


The price is for each cupcake but there's a minimum order of 6.

un-iced are 80p each and these can be posted around UK

iced are £1.00 and are for local collection only sorry.

If you need posting you can order the un-iced ones and a tub of frosting to ice at home if that helps.

We do corporate quantities too so if you need a large number contact us for a price.

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