Colour Mill Dusts

  • £4.95

  • Colour Mill's Lustre Dusts are finely milled and ultra-pigmented lustre blends, letting you add glitz and glamour to your delicious creations.
  • Made from food-safe ingredients, these lustre dust blends not only look fabulous, but are also 100% safe to consume.
  • Perfect for decorating buttercream, glazes, jellies, macarons, beverages, chocolate, icing and more!
  • These lustre dusts can be used wet and dry. For dry applications, dip a food-safe brush into the lustre jar and apply directly to your bakes and decorations. For wet applications, mix the lustre with clear alcohol or rejuvenator spirit to create dazzling paint.

✓ Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
✓ Kosher Certified
✓ Halal Suitable
✓ Allergen Free
✓ No added sugar

Blonde: MICA E555, E171, E172
Bronze: MICA E555, E172
Butter: MICA E555, E171, E172
Glamour: MICA E555, E171, E172
Imperial: MICA E555, E171, E172
Porcelain: MICA E555, E171, E172
Rose Gold: MICA E555, E171, E172
Sterling: MICA E555, E171, E172

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