Wedding Cake Kit - (Includes the cake)

  • £115.00

Complete cake kit in a box (including the cake) for you to assemble and decorate yourself. 

You'll receive all the trimmings, iced cakes and everything you need to recreate this design, including the dowels and sticky stuff to put it all together.  Just give us as much info as you can about the dates you need this for, that's helpful.   

3 tier serves approx 80 -120. Bottom tier is 10" across.

4 tier serves up to approx 180. Bottom tier is 12" across.

These estimates depend on how generous your portions are of course bit are based on a traditional inch square slice.

All vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam. You can also have chocolate sponge or lemon cream for a little.extra charge. Put this in the notes and call the shop after ordering to confirm x


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